The Top 5 PlayStation 4 Games You Must Buy

Below are the top 5 PlayStation 4 games, in no particular order, to go out and grab off the shelves. How many of them would be on your top 5 list?

1) Killzone: Shadow Fall

Killzone: Shadow Fall is a good example of showing the higher processing and memory capabilities of the PS4 in comparison to the previous PlayStation 3. The game produces excellent graphics and incredibly realistic visuals and sounds; however the general verdict is that whilst it does show what the PlayStation 4 is capable of, perhaps the game doesn’t use the console’s power to its full potential.

2) Infamous: Second Son

Second Son is the third installment to the Infamous series, after Infamous 2 being released in 2011 and the original game being released in 2009. The hero, Delsin Rowe stumbles across a conduit at the beginning of the game and gets attacked. When he awakes, he soon realizes he now possesses super powers. Whilst progressing through the game you’ll be able to upgrade Delsin’s powers a great number of times, which we’re all excited to see.

3) Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs bring a slightly new concept to gaming. Like the number 2 game in this list, it’s an open world game.

The Case for Shenmue

Japan’s Kanagawa prefecture and the Guilin area of China share something in common, a link that binds these places together, not only with each other, but with more than one million gamers from across the globe. A link defined not by its commercial success but rather its artistic triumph, an undertaking so epic in scale that the dream was only matched by its outlandish budget, and yet, despite technically being viewed as a colossal failure, there can in truth be no other way to look upon it except in contradictory terms. It has touched the lives of many, defined them as people as much as it would their pastimes and with that it has created the most passionate and fervent community on the planet-I am of course talking about Yu Suzuki’s incredible Shenmue.

In the late 1990’s, Yu Suzuki set out to advance video games yet again, Shenmue was originally in development for Sega’s brilliant, yet much maligned Saturn console, but focus shifted onto the next generation hardware and the numerous possibilities that it would offer them. Coining the term F.R.E.E. (Full Reactive Eyes Entertainment), Suzuki set out to deliver a level of freedom unheard of in video games, a

How to Easily Beat Most Bosses in Shin Megami Tensei

Shin Megami Tensei was recently finally given an English translation after having been released 22 years ago. Now that gamers are finally able to experience this classic, they may be struggling to make it through the game in an effective way.

Shin Megami Tensei games have pretty much always been known for their difficulty, so this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Even so, it can be extremely frustrating to have to fight a boss over and over with no chance at a win in sight.

So let’s go over an easy method to beat nearly every boss in the game. I have named this method the “electrocute method” due to the nature of how it is performed.

First, in order to execute this method you must have a party member that can use any spell in the Zio line of spells. So this can be Zio, Mazio, Zionga, etc. It’s probably better to have a human party member with this spell, but it can also be done with a demon if you’re willing to work a bit harder.

The reason for this is because with a human party member that member can level up on a consistent basis. This is huge

Ryse: Son of Rome Review

One look at Ryse: Son of Rome; you’ll know that Next Gen has arrived. The detail, the scale and the overall visual treat that it throws at you, like a kid with an open mouth at the machine spewing candy! Except, that it’s not throwing candy at you, but bitter pills that are candy coated.

Yeah, that’s how Ryse feels. The visuals get you sucked in, but the game-play makes you want to get out. What initially seems like an impressive system based on precision and timing (Infinity Blade anyone?), coupled with nice visual cues and stunning slow-motion animations, soon descends into a mind-numbing button watch and mash exercise. Within the hour you will realize that combat training is just this much. Nothing more, nothing less. Sure, you have tons of other things, like block, parry etc. but that doesn’t count now does it?

What I did love about the game though was the gruesome stabs and bloody dismemberments that are in-your-face, thanks to the quick-time finishing; it just screams of brutality. BUT it does get repetitive super fast! Also the fact that the executions don’t actually take any skill to pull off; you can quite literally set your controller down

Just Dance Versus Dance Central – Which Is Better?

So you got an Xbox/Wii/PS3/PS4/Xbox One but don’t know which motion sensing dance games to buy. It can be a difficult decision being that there is almost an over saturation of dance games for all the current and last generation consoles.

I personally prefer the Xbox 360 and Xbox One as I find the motion sensing via the Kinect and Kinect 2 sensor are far more superior to the other consoles motion sensing peripherals.

Aside from that, Dance Central and Just Dance have some differences but are similar in many ways. Just Dance is more suited to those wanting to just have fun. Dance Central is more suited to those wanting to learn how to dance.

Dance Central is developed by Harmonix, who previously created the Rock Band and Guitar Hero games. Just Dance is created by Ubisoft which isn’t quite known for their music or rhythm games.

Dance Central has been claimed to be the best selling dance game series so far. Dance Central was also one of the launch titles when the Kinect sensor first came out (previously called Project Natal when in development).

Just Dance has a pretty big following as well, with the first few games only being released for

Why It’s Video Games All The Way

In the recent past, video games have become the in thing in town, leaving many kids engaged in their consoles for very long hours during the day. For those who were kids in the 90’s, you can bear witness of the fact that the evolution in the field of entertainment has been massive. The various competitors have made an immense improvement in not only the game-play, but also in the various gadgets used in gaming. They have created consoles that are just perfect for the hands. This has made the experience better. There is also an enormous progress in the graphics and the general game play, with images becoming more realistic than ever before.

Responsible gaming is not all that bad

Even though a lot of ill and negative stuff has been said about gaming, and its capability to lead to addiction that tends to make many kids become unproductive, there are some real benefits of engaging in responsible gaming. For instance, kids who are actively engaged in responsible gaming tend to develop a sense of alertness and coordination. This is because of the keen attention that is required in some of the games such as jumping ones. Coordination is as

Active Video Games Will Give Kids More Exercise

New generation active video games give a moderate increase to children’s physical activity levels at home. Most video games are passive and not any better than watching television in terms of getting children to move around and burn energy. Children spend 40 to 90 minutes a day playing video games. In a study conducted by Australian researchers, they looked at how removing passive video games from the home or replacing them with active video games affected the activity levels of 56 children, ages 10 to 12.

The levels of physical activity did not change much during any of the three eight-week periods. Removal of these games was associated with a nearly four-minute increase of moderate to extreme physical activity per day and a nearly five-minute decrease in sitting time. During the time period when the children were allowed to play active video games, their daily activity levels increased by about three minutes and sitting time fell by just over six minutes. The differences appeared small and by themselves, are not likely to have any effect on a child’s health.

However, these slight increases in activity are very important in light of the rapidly increasing times of exposure children have to electronic